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Q. How can I register as a Donor?
Ans - You will find a "Register free" option on the website. Click on Register free button. A registration form page will display. Fill up all the form & click on Submit button. After a short period of time you will be registered.

Q. How can I login to my Account?
Ans - You will find User name & password fields on the website. You have to type your User name & Password provided by us . Click on login button . You will be logged in to your account.

Q. I urgently require blood .How can I search a blood Donor?
Ans - There is an option "Request Blood" on the website, just click on that portion. A blood request form will display . Fill up all the form & click on Submit button . After a short period your blood request will be added .

Q. How can I send a blood request ?
Ans - To search a blood donor , you have to enter require blood group & location ( state , district , area , pincode) & click on search button . All the details will show according to your search criteria.

Q. I want to publish a advertisement on the website . What is procedure to publish an ad?
Ans - At the Home page , you will get an option Advertisement , just click on it , A form will display , Fill all the forms & Enter details of Advertisement as your requirements. Click on Submit button & we will do rest work.

Q. How can I encourage my family, relatives and friends to donate bloods ?
Ans - For encourage family, relatives and friends to donate blood, we have included a feature "Tell a Friend". In this feature promotional mails will send to your family, relatives & friends..

Q. How can I send recovery card to the patients ?
Ans - We have included a section, "Send recovery card" . just click on it , Enter E-mail ID of Sender & Receiver , click on submit button . Further we will send a recovery card to the patient.

Q. How can I update my profile ?
Ans - After login into your account , you will find a option, "Update Profile" . just click on it , Update your profile & click on submit button .

Q. How can I donate donate blood ?
Ans - We have included a section "Blood Donation Tips". You can find useful tips that will help surely you in blood donating.

Q. How can I calculate my next blood donation date?
Ans - We have included a section "Calculate your next blood donation date". Click on that section, Enter your last blood donation date & click on submit button . Your next blood donation date will be shown on the page.

Q. Am I eligible to donate blood ?
Ans- We have covered blood donation eligibility in our "Blood donation tips" section. Please see there.

Q. How can I Activate/Deactivate my account form the website?
Ans - After login into your account , you have option to activate or deactivate of your account . Just type your name , mark your choice & Press submit button. Your account will appear/disappear from the website.

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