"Welcome to eBIZblooddonation." Your blood can save someone else family. Come and become a part of this social mission…
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Blood Facts

  • Blood cannot be manufactured.
  • It can only be donated.
  • Blood accounts for about 8% of a human's body weight.
  • Blood fights against infection and helps heal wounds.
  • Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to all of the body.
  • There is no substitute for human Blood.

Donor's Testimony

it is a good things. we must do it


Blood for humans comes only from humans so don't think about it whenever any one ask for donate blood give them, go ahead for Campaign of blood donation.


I donated blood for the first time to my friends father, when I realised how much important it is to man kind. I would like to donate blood to the needy

Aman Kumar

I have given blood 4 times till now.I'm happy with ebiz which has launched such a beautiful website.


Hats Off to Ebiz for this initiative...Lets get together to save many Lives

Vinaykumar S Patil

It is rightly said "Raktha daana Maha daana". I have donated blood several times and it feels great that my blood would have saved somebody's life.

Prashant kumar S Patil

This site is very useful. Many family's save life this mission. "Great Think+Great Mission+Great Work+Great Results+Great Family+Great Society+Great INDIA+Great World == eBIZ.com Pvt. Ltd.

Gaurav Tomer eBIZer HAPUR

ebiz ganga jitni pavitra hai....to aaoo ham sab milkar is sahas ko tan man se pramote kare


its a grt,safe an trusted movmen to save many lives..LETS JOIN DIS BEAUTFL MVMEN..

Kunal n taswala

donate blood and save one jai ebiz


Thanks to Malhan sir for giving me such an opportunity to take part in such a noble cause. JAI EBIZ

Abhishek chhabra

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